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Ye Zhishan: affinity for the people's Republic of China

Release time: 2020-05-18: Source: A biographical sketch of Ye Zhishan



Mr. Tao and his son joined the China Association for democracy promotion in 1962. Comrade Xu Bo Xin, a member of the Central Committee of the people's Republic of China and a secretary of the Central Committee of the Democratic Progressive Party, who founded the "life bookstore" with Mr. Tao Fen, introduced the procedures for joining the people's Republic of China.

In fact, Mr. Tao and his son have deep historical origins with DPP. As early as 1946, they took part in mass rally and "623" parade held at Shanghai north station, condemning cutting and participating in the struggle against dictatorship and democracy. Many of the leaders of the DPP are cultural publishers, who are familiar with and familiar with Mr. Ye and his sons.

After joining the Democratic Progressive Party, he served as the Vice Minister of publicity department and was responsible for the propaganda work of the people's Republic of China. Later, the burden continued to grow. Apart from his father's good writing work, he continued to work as a member of the Central Committee of the CPC Central Committee for the development of the people's Republic of China, vice chairman of the Central Committee of the people's Republic of China and vice chairman of the people's progressive central committee.

After the death of Mr. supreme good, comrade Chen Yiqun, who worked with Mr. Sun for the long term, recalled in his memory of Mr. Ye Zhishan:

The diligent man who worked hard in his life was overworked, and finally he was exhausted and left us forever. We lost a good leader with high prestige. I lost a good teacher who is learned and modest, and often gets help. What is left to us is infinite sorrow and infinite yearning.

During his leadership positions as standing committee member and vice chairman of the Central Committee of the people's Republic of China, Mr. supreme good advocate the work of the people's Republic of China in a solid and practical way. Under his promotion, the Central Committee of the people's Republic of China held several seminars to train a group of editors and publishers who are in urgent need of the society. He held talks with middle school Chinese teachers many times, and advocated Ye's "teaching is to achieve the idea of no need to teach", and explored the reform of writing teaching. He actively participated in politics and politics, and made suggestions for the development of publishing and educational undertakings. Some important documents of the Central Committee of the people's Republic of China often send the old editor to check. He meticulously uses pencils to make changes. The Central Committee of the people's Progressive Party organized the Kai Ming publishing house and asked him to preside over the publishing house. He used rich publishing and editing experience to grasp the correct direction of publishing, and grasped the key points of "what and what not to go out", and put forward the publishing principle of "one without losing heart and two without losing money". The title of "united front system excellent Publishing House".

Also, Comrade Mao Qi, who is also a member of the Democratic Progressive Party, wrote in his mourning article, "good brother, you walk away".

He served as the seven or eight and nine vice chairmen and was the second to five CPPCC member and the six to nine standing committee. He actively participated in politics and politics, offering advice and suggestions. Under the guidance of his concern, the Central Committee of the people's Republic of China (CPPCC) made a speech on the "publishing work to serve the readers earnestly" at the CPPCC conference. It made a wide impact on publishing work to produce more good books and no bad books. In 1988, when the Central Committee of the people's progressive government organized the Kai Ming publishing house, he served as the director of the Social Affairs Committee, and later became the honorary president of the publishing house. He put forward the publishing principle of "one mind does not lose heart, the two does not lose money", inherited the spiritual tradition of the old Kai Ming bookstore, and can be said to be the founder of Kai Ming publishing house. Mr. Sun is good at fame and fortune. He does not want to be flattering. He hates people who are confused by fame and fortune. He objects to political activities and formalism. Sometimes he is troubled by attending unnecessary meetings. It is a waste of time.

I spent nearly half a century talking with the best good brother. I had met with him during the period of the people's Republic of China. When I went to the various meetings of the Democratic Progressive movement, the documents I drafted were often retouched by him. He is a language expert, mostly trying to change the way of thinking, retain the original text, make proper deletion and adjustment. After his careful modification, the article read smoothly.

In 2008, father died 1st anniversary. Kai Ming Publishing House published a commemorative collection of Seonma's success and failure, Ye Zhishan's memorials. They specifically invited Comrade Xu Jialu, the then chairman of the Central Committee of the people's Republic of China, to write a preface. Comrade Jialu wrote happily, and wrote the silent recalling. The article recalls:

I remember that he made a brief speech after he was elected vice chairman at the 1988 NPC deputy conference. He said, thank you for your trust in me. I hope that my election is due to my own work in the people's Republic of China, and I think that I am competent and not for any other reason. "Don't do it for my father's sake"; "I don't try my best to be competent and competent, and I want to see it in my future work." He never spoke, but he told the truth and the truth. On that day, he still did not use his manuscript to speak slowly, but the above words were heard forcefully and forcefully by the delegates, which naturally won the warm applause of the audience. For ten years, the scene was like yesterday.

Like Ye Lao, he is a simple and unadorned man. Plain clothes, simple life, plain and plain spoken - people standing in front of him and away from luxury will also be suspicious of their impetuosity.

During his acting as vice chairman, he really did his best. He was never absent from all the work meetings and other activities that required him to attend the meeting. He was open to opinions and silent. His speeches were straight and unadorned, but he felt a sense of steadfast, transparent and meaningful.

Some meetings of the DPP, especially the larger ones, are to be held at the meeting place, but they are not required by the old gentlemen. As the saying goes, "Seventy do not stay, eighty do not stay." And the best good boss is living with everyone. Apart from caring about the meeting, he is able to get together with everyone, especially those who are of the same age. Eating is the best time for him to reach out to friends. He and Mr. Chang Chi Kung, Chu Lao and some veteran comrades in the office will always sit together and open a bottle of wine that they do not know who will bring it, while chatting and drinking. They have endless words, the most talkative is Chu Lao, followed by Mr. Zhi Gong, but the most good old people are less communicative, always listening with interest. Their table is "full open type", except for a few of them are regular members, and the other seats are "flowing seats". Anyone who can take a drink is willing to sit here to listen to the "true classics" of the elderly. I'm also one of those people who often go over and sip one or two. My drinking volume ended at one or two, but Mr. Chi decided that I could drink, and Chu Lao always encouraged me, so I never dared to sit there. Listen to the "chatting" culture, education, publishing, history, poetry, music, Literary Anecdotes, folk progressive and past events. Where to calculate is really a pleasure.

The flat house of Mr. Zhi Shan lived in disrepair and was not enough to keep warm. In winter, he had to work in a heavy sweater and down jacket to stay out of the house. In order to rewrite "Ye Sheng Tao Ji" and write "father's long life", he keeps away from sunshine and fresh air all day and winter. But for many years, he never spoke to anyone, nor did he ask anyone for any requests. Later, the colleagues who knew this matter were very excited: in 50s, the Ye Shengtao family donated the ancestral houses of Suzhou to the state without compensation. Now, the good old people live in dilapidated public housing. They are faced with many difficulties, but they always get thick and do not go out to overcome them. Later, thanks to the efforts of the Central Committee of the people's Republic of China and the support of the relevant departments, the housing problem was finally solved, but at the time of good old age, many fractures and various complications were already admitted to the hospital. When we visited him, we wanted to congratulate him loudly: we can live in our new house after discharge, sunny and warm indoors. He answered us with a plain, innocent smile, his lips moving slightly, as if to say, "thank you!" But we can not help but blame ourselves: late, late several years! If his living conditions improved earlier, maybe he could leave behind some spiritual legacy for future generations.

In March 4, 2006, Mr. Zhi Shan died in Beijing. He wrote a biographical presentation for him.

A famous publisher, editor, writer, close friend of the Communist Party of China, member of the second, third, fourth, five or six, seven or eight and nine national Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference, standing committee member of the sixth, seventh, eighth and nine national committee, honorary vice-chairman of the Central Committee of the China Democratic Promotion Committee, and honorary chairman of the China Science Popularization Writers Association. Dr. Ye Zhishan, editor of the society of print workers and editor of the China children's Publishing Society, died in Beijing in March 4, 2006 at the age of 88.

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