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Liang Shiqiu: communication with Bing Xin

Release time: 2020-05-25: Source: Excerpts from author's Digest



People who first met Bing Xin felt that she was not an easy person to be close, and seemed to be cold and cold. Her "stars" and "spring water" were published in the supplement of the morning newspaper. They were all the rage. Among my friends, Mr. Shi Zhao was the most popular one. He clipped the newspaper Daily and later mounted it into a long scroll.

I wrote a "star and spring water" in the twelfth issue of Creation Weekly (July 29, 1923). My criticism is very conservative. I think those poems are more rational than emotional. The author is not a passionate poet, but a cold reasoning person under the influence of Tagore's poetry. Shortly after the publication of this criticism, on the deck of President Jackson on the way to the United States, he met with Bing Xin. After Mr. Xu Dishan introduced, after greeting for a while, I asked her, "what are you going to study in the United States?" She said, "literature." She asked me, "what are you studying?" I said, "literary criticism." Words will not go on.

Xu Dishan, Gu Yiqiao, Bing Xin and I were not seasick on the sea boat for more than ten days. We also launched a "literary tsunami" and posted it at the entrance of the cabin.

In the autumn of 1924, I went to Harvard. Bing Xin was at the Will Sri women's college, and belonged to the Boston area, which was more than an hour away from the train. During holidays, some of our friends often visit Bing Xin and invite her to sail in the lake of Lun lake. Bing Xin often takes the Sunday leisure to Boston to be a guest of Xinghua Lou. I gradually felt that she was not an arrogant person, but a little reserved for people. As far as she was concerned, she had a high mind, a keen sense and delicate temperament.

In March 28, 1925, the Chinese students in the Boston area performed "Pipa Ji" in the "Art Theater". The play was written by Gu Yi Qiao, translated into English by me, I decorated Cai Zhonglang, Bing Xin decorated the prime minister's daughter, and miss Xie Wenqiu decorated Zhao five Niang. When I was engaged in a play, I couldn't help making waves. After Xie Wenqiu was engaged to Mr. Zhu Shiming, my classmates, Bing Xin laughed at me and said, "Zhu Menyi goes deep into the sea. From then on, Qiu Lang is a passer-by." "Qiu Lang" two words here.

Bing Xin likes the sea. Her father is a sailor in the sea. She has been in Yantai for a while, so she has no connection with the vast ocean. However, she can not smell May Faith Phil's "ocean fever" in her works. She longs for not the sea of waves, the seaman's career, but the seashore on the beach. When I arrived in Qingdao in 1930, I lived there for four years, almost daily with the sea. I wrote to her repeatedly and never forgot about the sea. But she never came.

Bing Xin's health has always been bad, and his voice can not be loud or even angry. Soon after she arrived in the United States, she was vomiting blood. The famous little reader was mostly written in a hospital bed. After that, she kept growing and lingering on her sick bed. Some people think she is suffering from lung disease, which is not true. In her letter, she said, "to be prudent, the compliance committee and the doctor's advice have been tested once again, and X light has taken blood for a day. It is said that my lung is not defective, because the blood vessels are too brittle." Her hematemesis is periodic and sometimes predictable. How much she wanted to see the sea of Qingdao, but she could not come, so she sighed, "I have nothing to say.

Her illness has seriously affected her creative career, and even worse than family management, it is a great pity for her to write. When she was in Kunming in the war of resistance, I wrote to her, for a joke, she replied, "you asked me what I had done besides getting sick. If I do not produce anything like this, of course, my friends will be dissatisfied. In fact, after I went to Chenggong, I had only once been sick, and every day life was running away from the mountains to see the water, and to see the children spend. It is hard to be a conscientious housewife in the war of resistance. Bing Xin is very difficult to do for her shoulder. She later moved to Geleshan, Sichuan, where Geleshan is a beautiful place near Chongqing. Bing Xin's residence is on a small hill. The house can also be said to be a villa, but the walls are made of earth, and the windows are very small. Inside it was dark and humid, but there were dozens of small pine trees outside the door. The autumn voice was bleak and thin. Most people think that Bing Xin is well respected. As far as I know, she was not well-off during the war of resistance against Japan. The apartment in Geleshan is also borrowed.

After the victory of the war of resistance against Japan, Wen Shu served as our military delegate to Japan. This period is the most she enjoys in her life. Japanese garden is her favorite, and her daily life is also meticulously watched by the local government.

In June 1949, I arrived in Taiwan and received letters from Bing Xin and Wen Shu, saying that they were very happy to hear the news of my coming to Taiwan, but repeatedly urged me to go to Japan immediately. This friendship is of course felt, but I did not go. The news was then cut off.

Author: Liang Shiqiu       Editor in chief: Zhang Ge
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