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Ye Shengtao in Hongkou

Release time: 2020-06-01: Source: China net



Mr. Ye Shengtao is known as the three master, editor, writer and educator. He once said, "if someone asks me about my career, I will tell him: the first is editors, and the second is teachers."

He worked as a full-time editor, starting with the Ministry of Commerce and the Chinese language department. In May 1927, he moved to Hongkou, Yokohama Road, Jing Yun Li (now 35 Lane) 11. Zuo 10 is Zhou Jianren, the right neighbor 11 is Mao Dun and Feng Xuefeng, and the 23 opposite the back door is Lu Xun's apartment.

As an editor, he is most commendable in the literary arena. In his editing work, he strictly implements the principle of merit based selection. Although he is an unknown author, his work is always the most prominent position if his work is excellent. Therefore, when he was editor of the Commercial Press, he found and cultivated a number of writers. Ding Ling was discovered when he was editing the novel monthly. Ding Ling's first novel Meng Ke was placed in the headlines. The second novel, Mrs. Safi's diary, was also placed on the front page. Then, the third "summer vacation" and fourth "the hair girl" are still the headlines. This not only inspired a young girl who began to climb to the peak of literature, but also attracted wide attention in the literary world. After publishing these four novels in succession, Ye Shengtao wrote to Ding Ling again and said that he could publish this collection. So she helped her connect with Kai Ming bookstore and published Ding Ling's first short collection in the dark. In this way, a new talent in the literary world was trained. During his stay in Shanghai, Ding Ling visited Wang Yun Li. Half a century later, Ding Ling fled to Beijing in 1979, and immediately visited Ye Lao. Ye Lao gave a word "61 decrees", one of which was: "Jing Yun voted." At that time, children and children were also seeing their hair. It is looking back at the past events in Jing Yun Li.

Not only does Ding Ling know Ba Jin well, but also Ye Shengtao's fame is inseparable from his discoveries. In 1928, Ba Jin copied his first novella, the death of Paris, in 5 exercise books, and cast it in the novel monthly. Ye Shengtao wrote a content preface for him: "destruction", Ba Jin, this is a young writer's debut, writing a young spirit's activities and destruction. After the serialization of the 1~4 month's Novel Monthly, in 1929, Ba Jin, 24, became famous. More than 50 years later, Ba Jin said in his < < October > >, "if Ye Shengtao hadn't found my works, I might not have been on the road of literature and could not be a writer. As editor, he published many new authors' debut works, encouraging new people to enter the literary world with courage and confidence. (October, 1981 sixth)

It is said that Shi Zhe cun's maiden work, Kinuko, was also published by the hand of Ye Sheng Tao. Later, Ye Shengtao compiled the "Youth Forum" and "youth literature and art" for the editor of the Kai Ming bookstore. He also discovered and trained many young writers, such as Xu Ying, Peng Zigang, Hu Sheng and Wu Quanheng, who were awarded the prize of Ye Sheng in the contribution to middle school students. And according to Jin Zhonghua, the combination of these two young people was promoted by "middle school students".

The versatile writers in the literary world

In the new literary movement, Ye Shengtao was the founder of the new early Chinese poet and the new fairy tale. The first dramatists who composed drama and opera were essayists and novelists. He is a versatile writer in the literary world.

In the late 20s and early 30s, he lived in Hongkou, and it was the peak of his work. His only novel, Ni Huanzhi, was first published in 1928 in the Journal of education. At that time, the editor of the magazine was Zhou Yutong, advocating serial novels. According to Ye's later recollection, "because I had some experience and feelings in the education field, I promised to come down and be forced to start. About seven or eight days to write a paragraph, in the name of "education literature and art", serial 12. Start in January 1928 and finish in November 15th. He said in the author's self account: "every character, I write with a solemn and sincere attitude, dare not exist in the mind of playing." Therefore, this novel truly reflects the social life of China from the revolution of 1911 to the revolution, and has become a mirror of this historical period. Before the publication of Ni Huanzhi, although there are some long novels in China, it is actually a new work in the novella, but it has little impact on readers. Since the advent of Ni Huanzhi, there has been a real novel in modern Chinese literature. At that time, some people said that the novel can be read in the past 54 years or more than ten years ago. Mao Dun praised the work as "carrying the work of carrying the tripod". Before liberation, Ni Huanzhi's monograph had been reissued 12 times, and many times after liberation.

During this period, he wrote some short stories. "Night", published in the October 1927 novel monthly, is the first literary and art work that reflected the "412" incident. The "35 dodge" was published in the first issue of "Literature" in July 1933. For half a century, it has been selected as a Chinese textbook. The novel chooses the theme of real life with abundant harvest and disaster, and extracts deep thoughts from it. He once said, "I want to write a group of elephants wearing old felt hat," At that time, farmers were once trapped in such a desperate situation. This short story was later compiled by Lu Xun and Mao Dun into the short story collection of modern Chinese writers, grass shoes and feet, which was published in the United States in 1974.

It was also during this period that he published a fairy tale collection of stone statues of ancient heroes, as well as a collection of prose works. Yu Dafu once said, "I think ordinary high school students should be selected as models of prose, while Ye Shaojun's works are most appropriate." Ying Ying believes that "Ye Shengtao's prose is indeed a very successful, beautiful and life poem."

The "outside members" of the "leftist alliance"

Ye Shengtao lived in the Jing Yun Li period. It was the period from preparation to establishment and development. He did a lot of work for the "leftist League", but not a member of the "leftist League".

Originally, Ye Shengtao and Shen Yanbing, Yang Xianjiang, Hou Shaoqiu, Qu Qiubai, these early Communists, know each other better. In Ni Huanzhi, Wang Leshan in his writing has the shadow of Hou Shaoqiu. On the eve of the establishment of the "leftist League", Feng Xuefeng said to his wife, "you, Chen Wangdao, Zheng Zhenduo and Fu Donghua still maintain a neutral attitude and are easy to contact some people, so they do not participate in the" leftist League ". So he became a member of the "leftist" member who did not take part in the "leftist League".

He did a lot of work for the "leftist League" quietly. In those days, some party members and writers had no fixed income in life, and they had to rely on royalties. According to general magazines, payment is only after articles are published. When Ye Shengtao was chief editor, he applied his authority and handed in the manuscript to pay the fee, whether or not he was published later. Not only did he try to help financially, he also risked the risk of "white League" after the white terror. He once recalled: "after he was arrested, Ding Ling went to the Kai Ming bookstore to see me. Please try to save Hu. I immediately raised money in the Kai Ming bookstore, and wrote a letter to Mr. Xia Gaizun, asking the Kuomintang veteran Shao Lizi to help. Later, when Ding Ling and Pan Zinian were arrested, he also tried to run and participate in rescue activities.

He lived in Jing Yun Li until the war of January 28. In the wartime trivia, he once wrote: "the old house has been hit fiercely, the three doors and windows do not exist, and the whitewash on the ceiling of the wall is all falling down, and the wood is completely destroyed, and the clothes have bullet holes. Books are buried in ashes. " He once stayed away from Liu Haisu's house. After the war, he moved to Anne Lane (now the 21 HOS of Huo Shan Road), fenan Fang (now East Changzhi road 894 Lane), Mecca Lane (now Liyang road 965 Lane). In the autumn of 1935, he left Hongkou and moved to Suzhou. During the war of resistance against Japan, he devoted himself to cultural and educational work in Chongqing, Leshan and Chengdu.

Join the national movement

After the victory of the war of resistance against Japan. Ye Shengtao, who was hired by the Kai Ming bookstore, was in danger of rapids, dangerous shoals and reefs. He returned from Chongqing to Shanghai in February 1946 and relocated in Hongkou. That is the dormitory of the Kai Ming bookstore, which is located in North Sichuan Road's Xiang Jing Li (146 lane of today's Sichuan highway).

At that time, the domestic situation became increasingly severe, and he rose to participate in the democratic movement. In July of this year, Wen Wei Po's supplement, "Readers' words", was ordered to stop publishing for two weeks because of the publication of the Shanghai police service. Ye Shengtao immediately sent a letter to Ke Ling, editor in chief of the magazine. He suggested: "on the expiry date of Wenhui stop publication, the younger brother thought he had published a special issue, at least two edition, which contained the reader's letter. The content of the text should be realistic. It is advisable to speak in the most specific terms without making empty calls. " Indeed, on the first day of the resumed publication, a letter of sympathy was issued in the full page of readers' remarks, and a full page was published to remark the comments made by foreign and foreign newspapers in Shanghai and abroad. After three days of continuous publication, some readers' letters and the list of authors who had not yet arrived were constantly published. This protest struggle was widely supported by the community.

When Wen Yiduo was assassinated, he published in the "democracy" magazine, "many words and no use, only a few words", a nail in the face, revealed the chief culprit of Li and Wen case, and said, "who lives without death?" Not long after, the "democracy" magazine was forced to cease publication after the weekly newspaper. He published the "democracy" in the "issue number". Naturally, a knife can teach us more pain. However, a thorny sword has taught us to hate more deeply. We will never say "give the valley no words", we shouting "remember this hate!"

Comrade Zang Kejia once said that he lived in Baoxing road in the East and was not far from his old residence. "Ye is honest, honest and courteous. He is a gentle old man. When he visited him and said his advantages, he always said in a gentle and smiling voice, "I dare not! I dare not! " When he said goodbye, he would go down the stairs himself, and bow for nearly ten degrees. This is not the way to see, this is Mr. Ye's style. However, in the struggle for democracy movement, this kindly old man is a king of anger.

After 33 years, comrade koling recalls Ye's advice to readers, and wrote an article "Comrade Ye Shengtao's letter" ("harvest" 1979 issue fifth). Among them, there are such things as "54" and its later generation of old writers. Soft and thick, but soft inside, upright upright. No sand in your eyes, and never fall behind anyone when you need to act. I have a sincere admiration for this kind of predecessors. Ye Shenglao is one of them.

We must make efforts from practice.

After he did not fall behind, he actively participated in the democratic movement and dissected himself strictly. In the essay "spare time essay", we analyze the shortcomings of our own thinking and show that we should "make efforts from practice". He has been more anxious about his work and has been responsible for the editing and publishing of Kai Ming bookstore. During this period, he also wrote three textbooks for children, adolescents and children in his busy schedule. As the Kai Ming bookstore has said in its introduction, "although it is not convenient to say that this is literature, at least it can be said that the way of writing is" Literature ".

He has only been a primary and secondary school teacher for ten years, but his educational thoughts and his teaching rules have been expressed in the article. As early as the first time he lived in Hongkou, he summed up the past teaching experience. In his two magazines, "middle school student" and "New Youth", he published a lot of literature to help young people read and write, and instructed middle and primary school teachers to teach Chinese knowledge correctly. Among them, Wen Xin (in collaboration with Xia Mian Zun) was serialized in "middle school student". The first edition was published by Kai Ming bookstore in 1934, and came to the twentieth edition in 1948. This book is unique in its use of novel style to describe language knowledge and skills. Zhu Ziqing said it was "an unprecedented book". Cao Juren later said that there were at least thirty copies of Wen Xin, which had been widely circulated abroad. Ye Shengtao's contribution in this area also made him an excellent educator.

Just as he was working hard in his white terror, Chen Bai told him that he had already had his name on the blacklist and advised him to stay away from it. So Ye Shengtao had to leave the Hongkou apartment and live in his sister's home on the road of hot road. Later, the underground party commissioned Li Zhengwen, Du Shousu and Wu Juenong to contact him. Under the careful arrangement, he boarded the Shanghai round in early 1949, and was in the mood of "juan Quan returning to the sea and asking for it again" (he wrote the poem "Hongkong northward"), and went to Hongkong to make a journey to Jiefang District on the north.

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