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Post duty story, song of the Chinese opera and dance drama academy, and listen to Xu Li Qiao.

Release time: 2020-06-01: Source: Chinese culture daily



"Xu Li Qiao is always very busy. No matter as a vice president of the Chinese opera and dance drama theater, or as a member of the National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), her work has never stopped at the special moment of the war epidemic. In her eyes, performing the duties of members and the dual status of vice presidents have double responsibilities. They are complementary and highly integrated. Let's listen to the story of Xu Li Qiao's performance and the song of war in the Chinese opera and dance theatre.

Xu Liqiao, vice chairman of the Chinese opera and Dance Drama Institute and deputy director of the Central Committee for culture and art of the people's Republic of China.

   With the art war epidemic, the "waves" and "waves" came together.

Every year before and after the Spring Festival, the art troupe is the busiest time. The arrangements for the performance were too busy. After the planned Spring Festival, Xu Li Qiao will lead the Chinese opera and dance theatre folk orchestra to visit Russia and launch a Multi Country Tour in Europe. The sudden outbreak of the new crown pneumonia will result in the cancellation of all the performance plans.

In the face of the temporary "lockout" during the epidemic period, the Chinese opera and dance drama academy should respond to the idea of ensuring "safety" on the basis of ensuring the health and safety of its employees.

"The original repertoire to be completed in the whole year is basically concentrated in the second half of the year, with tight schedule, heavy responsibilities and heavy pressure." At first, Xu Li Qiao was very anxious, but when she saw that the artists did not relax their creation at all, she felt that she was confident of achieving the goal.

During the epidemic, the main creative team of different productions held an online creative workshop, and proposed planning and polishing the script to prepare for the rehearsal later. Zhang Fuqing, the writer of the concert version, has revised the scripts once again during the epidemic. The script has not yet been finalized. The composer Fang Shi has completed the creation of the main melody of the vocal and instrumental music, and has confidently expressed that even if the script is adjusted, it will not affect the theme creation, and any music paragraph can be increased or reduced at any time.

"Mr. Fang Shi is a Wuhan man. When the epidemic is most serious, he still can't get rid of this piece of work. He works hard at home. When he arrives, he will excitedly call me and talk about his creative ideas. He often goes over in an hour or so." Xu Liqiao said.

The creators and actors of the theater also spontaneously created and produced a large number of literary and artistic works such as songs, poetry recitation, and so on.

"We can't enter the recording studio and record it over and over again at home, until we get the best results. If we can't get into the computer room, they will search for their own materials online. If there is no equipment at hand, they will order online temporarily. In short, I want to present the works to you for the first time. Xu Liqiao said that at present, the theater and the modern publishing house jointly edited and published the selected battle of the people's campaign - the outstanding public welfare songs of the war epidemic. The album contains 25 outstanding works. Xu Liqiao said.

Young people create and work with passion, and old artists can not help. Qiao Yu, dancer Chen Ailian, playwright Huang Qishi, performer Jin Jiguang and other old artists recorded video on the disease. Huang Qishi, 79, the former vice president of the Chinese opera and dance drama academy, also wrote two songs, "spring breeze will send you back" and "holy love".

Zhao Qing, a 84 year old artist, was inspired by Chairman Mao's poem "Bu operator Mei Yong Mei". He created an oil painting "Yonghe - laughter in the middle", dedicated to heroes who are retrograde in danger. She wrote: "in the painting, the Red Crowned Crane compares the white angels who are fighting against the frontline of epidemic prevention and control in China, regardless of life and death, with the confidence to win the battle against the epidemic and win the war of the people. Optimistic foresight is waiting for the day when the virus is defeated. When the mountain flowers bloom, she laughs in the clusters. The inscription was "an old Party member, an old literary worker, Zhao Qing, 84 years old".

"When Zhao Qing gave me pictures and words, I could not calm down for a long time. Old artists always cherish the hearts of the nation and the people, reflecting the lofty sentiments of the older generation of literary and art workers.

   Online and offline, good works move the audience.

At the beginning of May, the Ministry of culture and tourism held special mention that the National Art Troupe embodies the will of the state, making sure that it can produce sound, good work and lead.

Xu Liqiao believes that in the new era and the new situation, stage art is changing to digital stage art, and the online creation of "cloud show", "cloud creation", "Cloud View drama" and "cloud rehearsal" has broken the traditional concept of space and time in stage art tradition. This requires that theatrical troupes should study Internet vocabulary in depth, in order to achieve multiple forms of creation, multi-level dissemination, multi-channel sharing and multi platform profitability.

The online opera "welcome you back" arises at the historic moment. "I'm looking forward to your return" is the tribute of the Chinese opera and dance theater to the founding of new China 70th anniversary and the founding party 100th anniversary. It was premiered at the Tianqiao Art Center in Beijing in November 2019. The play was originally scheduled for performance in the National Grand Theatre in March this year, but it was postponed to September until the epidemic was affected. The online version is expected to be launched in July.

"Looking forward to your return" is both a realistic theme and a main melody. However, in the way of narration, music processing and stage presentation, the audience feels that this kind of theme is refreshing in creation and stage presentation. It vividly illustrates Jiao Yulu's spirit of loving the people, struggling hard, seeking truth from facts, facing difficulties and selfless dedication with artistic means. Xu Liqiao believes that this work focuses on the expression of "Hope" and integrates the endless yearning of the mother, wife and children to the departed relatives. It tells the Lankao people's memory of Jiao Yulu and expects him to "go home". At the same time, he also expresses the broad masses of the masses calling for the return of "Jiao Yulu spirit" and hopes to produce more public servants like Jiao Yulu.

"At the moment of the epidemic, there is no hope for everyone in our hearts. I hope my relatives will be healthy, I hope my work is going smoothly, I hope that the years will be quiet and I hope the motherland will be strong."

Xu Li Qiao believes that this works can move audiences both online and offline.

Good works are inseparable from good artistic presentation and solid rehearsal. After the outbreak, the business groups of the Chinese opera and dance troupe promptly adjusted the form of business training (platoon) training, and asked the acting players to do business training at home. In order to ensure the income of the theaters, the theater provides business rehearsal fees according to the situation of the players practicing at home.

"At present, the practice of home training is good. After the formal resumption of work, the business groups will continue to carry out business assessment, it is time to truly test the effect of home training. Xu Liqiao said. When we reappear, we will have to accept the test from the audience.

   Visit and investigate the cultural industry under the epidemic situation

After the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, Xu Li Qiao participated in the video conference of the Beijing Municipal People's Political Consultative Conference on proposal analysis. Later, in order to further understand the impact of the epidemic on the cultural, economic and cultural industries, Xu Li Qiao took part in the special investigation of "improving and improving the cultural and economic policies and promoting the development of cultural industries". He visited the Innovation workshop and Liang Ma Qiao peach garden in Chaoyang E9 District of Beijing, and visited related cultural and technological units and small and medium sized cultural media private enterprises.

Xu Liqiao saw that affected by the epidemic, some cultural companies suffered heavy losses, facing challenges of survival, unemployment and serious brain drain. At the same time, she also learned that the Beijing municipal government's innovation policy service has promulgated the "policy 50" of the Cultural Industry Innovation Experimental Zone, such as brand promotion, quality Park, flagship enterprise and cultural technology integration. Can these policies help enterprises tide over the difficulties as expected? Xu Li Qiao will continue to pay attention.

"In this year's government work report, 39 references are made to employment. Stabilizing employment and protecting people's livelihood is the bottom line of this year's economic goal. Xu Liqiao believes that the development of cultural industry is an important aspect of promoting employment. Through the provision of diversified cultural products and services, cultural tourism can not only meet people's spiritual and cultural needs, but also achieve industrial innovation and high-quality development, and there are many cultural sectors, a long industrial chain, flexible employment forms, and a relatively large capacity to absorb employment. The large number of jobs can also improve the quality of employment, especially for graduates and graduate students. "Under the impact of the global epidemic, we should give full play to the special advantages of the cultural industry in promoting employment, steady development and bottom line protection."

Not only that, as Wu Han, Xu Li Qiao is also concerned about all aspects of the epidemic.

At the beginning of the epidemic, Xu Li Qiao suggested that the grass-roots prevention and control should be strengthened, and the humanization of prevention and control measures should also be taken into consideration. In early March, Xu Li Qiao combined with some social and public opinions and problems and shortcomings of new crown pneumonia, and put forward several suggestions on disease prevention and control, material reserves, inheritance and promotion of traditional Chinese medicine and changing bad habits.

At the two sessions of the national conference, Xu Li Qiao submitted a proposal to "inherit and develop the cause of traditional Chinese medicine and better serve the health of mankind". "I saw that there was no drug to suppress the new crown pneumonia virus. Later there was a control group of Chinese medicine, which had inhibitory effect on the new crown pneumonia virus. This reminds me of the discovery of Tu youyo artemisinin, which is inspired by the back of the ancients (ancient Chinese medicine collectors). We have such a good Chinese medicine prescription in China, but we do not make good use of it. It is worth considering that Japan and Korea share the share of the world TCM market. " Therefore, Xu Li Qiao hopes to "study the prescriptions of ancestors so that they can contribute to the health of all mankind."

This year's two sessions, the proposal to further improve the government's purchase of public cultural service system to social forces, is one of the key proposals of the Central Committee of the Democratic Progressive Party. As a deputy director of the Central Committee for culture and art of the Central Committee of the people's Republic of China, Xu Li Qiao made a detailed introduction to this proposal.

   Who will buy it?

Xu Liqiao: the proposal points out that the main body of the government's purchase of public cultural services to social forces is too single, lack of capital investment, lack of targeted directories, and lack of standardization of procurement processes. Therefore, I suggest that we should further increase our investment and cultivate the social and cultural institutions that the people need and the government is satisfied with. The relevant departments should closely cooperate with each other to study the important matters related to the purchase of public cultural services by the government to the social forces, to refine the guiding catalogues, cultivate a number of professional and strong social and cultural institutions with a plan and focus, encourage more social forces to participate in the provision of public cultural services, and gradually build a multi-disciplinary, multi-level and multi-mode supply system for public cultural services.

   Who to buy?

Xu Liqiao: the main body of public cultural services should be diversified. The excellent public cultural services provided by private libraries, private performing arts institutions and private museums should be included in the scope of government purchase. Whether it is within the system or outside the system, as long as it meets certain conditions of the legal person, and can provide excellent cultural products and services, it can serve as the main body of public cultural services. For theatrical troupes, it is through the guidance and support of national policies, giving full play to the leverage of financial funds, introducing market-oriented marketing and management, stimulating the vitality of the group, giving talents and quality products, making more rings and social benefits and economic benefits unify, and the literary and artistic works that are unified in orientation, art and appreciation become the object of government purchase.

   How to buy it?

Xu Liqiao: we should further innovate the way of purchase, improve the quality of purchase service, adopt the menu service of "bottom-up and demand fixing", avoid the disadvantages of inefficiency caused by the asymmetry of supply and demand information and the monopoly of purchase brought about by imperfect competition.

   How do you manage it?

Xu Liqiao: we should improve the system of supervision before, after and after the participation of the buyers and the public cultural service objects, and entrust the third party organizations to evaluate the work done by the government to undertake the main body of the public services, and take a series of measures such as following up the whole process of supervision, strictly checking the results of the acceptance and service, and strengthening the satisfaction evaluation of the government's purchase of public cultural services projects.

   Reporter's notes

"From the two sessions to the two sessions, the communication with Xu Li Qiao is basically carried out in the early hours of the morning. In her communication with her, the reporter strongly felt that Xu Li Qiao was the manager of the National Art Troupe. She was concerned about artistic creation, and was committed to inspiring people with excellent works. As a systematic cadre of culture and Tourism Department, she was concerned about the development and employment of cultural enterprises. As a member of the National Association of political affairs, she was concerned about all aspects of epidemic prevention and control. From the establishment of special facilities for disabled people to the dissemination of National Dance Radio and television exercises in primary and secondary schools, and to the inheritance and development of traditional Chinese medicine cause, it covers a wide range and has a deep understanding of the situation.

It is this kind of multiple roles that requires Xu Li Qiao to broaden his horizons and train his thoughts into the public and listen to the wishes of the people and the people. Only in this way can she become a member of the CPPCC Committee who performs duties and responsibilities, "she said." at the same time, we can promote the work of the national art and literature troupe in a solid and vivid manner.

China culture daily, May 30, 2020

Author: Qin Danhua       Editor: Zhangyu
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