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Li Bo: Exhibition of artistic charm and artistic life

Release time: 2020-05-20: Source: Learning power and learning platform in Sichuan



Recently, the reporter came to the chorus rehearsal room of third primary school in Bazhou District, Bazhong City, Sichuan province. A teacher in brown dress gently waved her arms, accompanied by the classic music "my motherland and I" slowly sings. Under his command of ease and fluency and expressive power, each part of the voice rises and falls, giving out a harmonious, neat and beautiful voice, showing the charm of the chorus beautifully.

The conductor, named Li Bo, is a music teacher in third primary school in Bazhou district. She is currently Deputy Secretary General of Bazhong Musicians Association and vice chairman of Bazhou District music and Dance Association. Recently, reporters in Bazhou District third primary school saw the conductor who was conducting rehearsal, and interviewed his chorus command art.

Command enlightenment originated from a competition.

When he first saw Li Bo, he was attracted by the musical temperament emanating from him. After the lens, the clear eyes are light and smiling, gentle and quiet, reserved and reserved; a curly hair is draped to the shoulders, elegant and natural; the love for music can be seen from those hot eyes. Reporters saw a few music books scattered on his desk, and the pages were full of hook and draw. Li Bo, who is nearly 40 years old, is still persistent in his music. When he is busy or busy, he often hum a few sentences.

Speaking of music, Li Bo immediately opened the door to memory. His efforts in music and his passion for art in recent years are, in the final analysis, inseparable from his childhood music complex. Li Bo liked music since he was young. When anyone played or sang, he watched the performance with great concentration. Sometimes he looked at it until it was dark. In grade four of primary school, Li Bo showed musical talent and talent. He could play many pieces of music with the harmonica. After junior high school, I learned music from my teacher and gradually understood music.

In 1998, Li Bo was admitted to Bazhong normal school to study piano, vocal music, chorus and command. After graduation, I entered Sichuan University of Arts and Science, majoring in chorus and command. The teacher's guidance, coupled with his natural talents and efforts, has acquired a very solid professional skill and laid a good foundation for his future development. It can be said that the school is a cradle for his growth and plays an important role in his life.

"You must have a higher voice. Chorus is to unify all voices and not to have murmurs. In the rehearsal room, Li Bo gave instructions to students. When it comes to chorus, his enthusiasm and devotion are more impressive. Whether it's a solo or a chorus, music is always accompanied by Li Bo, becoming the theme of his life.

The first contact with choral conductor was in 2003. "There was a chorus competition in the city, and my teacher, Jiang Congrong, asked me to be his assistant. This is my first time to practice choral conductor. "Li Bo said, that's the first step he stepped into the gate of chorus command, which decided his future command life.

Watching the video of Li Bo's command, the reporter saw that he was somewhat dignified in his face when he was commanding, and revealed an inner control inadvertently. And this control force can gather nearly 100 people, and burst out the same sound in the instant. In the past 20 years, his artistic career has been moving on stage and scene, and his command life has become vivid and vivid.

Constructing stereo inner sound

Chorus is a special form of vocal art singing that expresses collective feelings. Li Bo has been studying and groping in the chorus career for nearly 20 years. He believes that choral conductor is the soul of leading chorus members to express their music works.

Therefore, in pursuit of the quality of chorus command, Li Bo is constantly enriching theoretical knowledge. On his desk, the reporter saw a lot of books on music, such as "harmony writing basic knowledge" and "folk song integration". These are Li Bo's portrayal of music art. "Apart from apprenticeship, I am more diligent in my studies." Li Bo said.

How to become an excellent conductor? Li Bo believes that an excellent choral conductor should have comprehensive musical and cultural qualities and sensitive ears. Only when the conductor has a keen sense of hearing can he judge the chord, pitch and mood of a chorus, and listen to different levels of voice so as to accurately grasp and regulate chorus.

Contrary to their own performance in the past, the chorus demands the unity and harmony of the voice, the convergence of individuality and the emphasis on generality. In his training, Li Bo asked chorus players to control their voices in chorus, so that the expression of breath, articulation, diction, movement and emotion could be unified in common sense.

"Conductor is the author who leads many chorus members to create works of art, and can correctly grasp the speed, accuracy and rhythm of music, and the appreciation of music. We should be able to understand the connotation of the work and guide the chorus players with rich and varied gestures. Li Bo said that the conductor is both a director and an actor. He is a director of music in the rehearsal field. When performing, he is an actor who leads a chorus team to create a beautiful chorus music in a specific way.

For the chorus conductor, Li Bo used the "bridge" to illustrate the importance of command. "Command is a bridge between composers and actors, playing a role in communication." Li Bo said that in rehearsal, the conductor should fully understand the composer's creative intention and deepen his understanding of the work, so that the chorus can rehearse the works full of vitality around him. At the time of the performance, the conductor is the bridge between the audience and the actors. Through this bridge, the audience can appreciate and understand the works and enjoy the beauty.

Chorus on the road

"After participating in the work, I taught myself chorus conductor and took a lot of detours." Li Bo said that until the second teachers came to win, they were rewarded on the road of chorus. Xiang Sheng is the former deputy curator of the city cultural center. At that time, the red leaf women's choir was set up in the museum, and Li Bo had the honor to join it. "The teacher was very strict with me, and he taught me with his hands. Though hard, my knowledge of harmony improved greatly." Li Bo sighed.

After doing a good job in teaching, Li Bo has given full play to his talents, and has made various amateur chorus tutoring and mass activities in the society as his own platform for improvement. He was also invited to participate in CCTV's "Star Road", "China's good voice", the Bazhong competition judge's work and the Palestinian culture and Arts Festival, and the first Spring Festival Gala in Bazhong. He said that participating in all kinds of activities and competitions can help us accumulate more practical experience.

Celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, many units invited Li Bo to be the choral conductor. "In order to perform, I often use rehearsal time to rehearse, almost daily rehearsal on the eve of national day. After rehearsal, we will have meetings to discuss and perfect the details. Every time we go home, it is already late at night." Li Bo said he served as the conductor of several choirs and ran around in various rehearsals to "harmoniously" a group of uncoordinated voices into a harmonious and unified voice and sing a red melody.

At the same time of training skills, Li Bo emphasized the expression of the inner feelings of his works. Every command of a song, he always explained the theme and connotation of the songs to the members, and gave them a vivid picture to let them understand the situation displayed by the songs and emit emotional resonance in the wonderful harmony, so that the audience could be moved and beautiful in the song.

Work pays no attention. In recent years, Li Bo has led the chorus "eternal red leaves" to the first prize of the sixth primary and middle school students' Arts Festival in Sichuan province. The Choral "Chi Le Chuan" has been awarded the first prize of the ninth primary and secondary school students' Art Festival in Bazhong. The Student Chorus "chatting Polka", "tea picking dance" and "little darling" won the first prize in the city and district level respectively. "Through competition, let me appreciate the charm of chorus and strengthen my choice." Li Bo said.

Reporters learned that Li Po's school has also established a choir. "The choir's echelon construction benefits from the strong support of the school leaders. There are few musicians in Choral direction in Bazhong. I want to use my teacher's identity to enable more groups, students and contacts to learn chorus conductor. Li Bo said. In order to educate every student studying chorus command, he always adheres to the educational concept of "real education and healthy growth", and writes the art life of chorus conductor on the three foot platform.

Author: Liu Xu       Editor in chief: Zhang Runtian
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