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Open your heart and strive for a new era.

Deng Jianying, Yizhuang branch of Daxing Working Committee, Beijing

Release time: 2020-06-01: Source: Beijing Daxing District Working Committee



The China Association for promoting democracy is a political party with the nature of political alliance, which is mainly engaged in education, culture and publishing. The Association for promoting democracy in China is one of the eight democratic parties participating in politics in People's Republic of China. It is a participating party under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, working closely with the Communist Party of China and working hard to build socialism with Chinese characteristics. According to the provisions of the constitution of the People's Republic of China, the system of multi-party cooperation and political consultation under the leadership of the Communist Party of China under the leadership of the Communist Party of China and the other eight democratic parties as the participating parties is implemented in the Chinese mainland. China is making great efforts to win the overall well-off society and the decisive battle to overcome poverty and strides forward. When nature moves forward to the earth, the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic is sweeping the globe, and the world and China are facing unprecedented challenges.

What about the world? How does China do it? This issue introduces Deng Jianying, a member of the Yizhuang branch of Daxing Beijing people's progressive work committee. As a member of the front-line teachers, DPP members, based on their own work, are realistic, innovative and open to the heart of the war.

How to deal with this crisis moment determines how a person's spirit grows. In the face of sudden changes, being a mental teacher is stronger and bigger than anyone else. Just like what psychological teachers often say, psychological work is a job without virtue. But when we do good deeds and do not ask for a future, we must have fine perception and awareness. At the same time, every heart has a wonderful "inner school".

   First, open your heart and volunteer.

In January 18, 2020, Mr. Deng Jianying was invited to participate in the career planning tutor training held by the China educational strategy society at the school of education of Peking University. Life is not a personal matter. Every one of us is not an independent existence. Human beings are the sum total of social relations. There are always people who are quietly loving you.

At the critical moment of the epidemic, the Chinese Psychological Association volunteers started the "peace of mind plan" by volunteering the assembly number. Deng Jianying was a volunteer for many years. This time he was a member of the executive team. He launched a "peace of mind plan" with all kinds of psychological volunteers to carry out voluntary psychological counseling and assistance for medical personnel, community residents and college students during the isolation period. In February 11th, Mr. Deng Jianying's original article, "righteousness, calm and Reiki", was published at the school of education, Peking University, and the official website of the China Democracy Promotion Association was selected as the headline today. College students spend 20 years studying in cold windows. In the face of the most difficult employment season, how many people have gone through this difficult time and need someone like a dark night light to guide them out of the dark hour? Chinese psychological volunteers quietly walked into the public psychology, and volunteers from all over the country responded, especially in the severe epidemic area of Wuhan. In May 5, 2020, the Chinese Psychological Association volunteers' "peace of mind plan" organized the national "activity and aspiration" recitation activity in Song Qingling's former residence, and volunteers from all over the country participated in the cloud Recitation in Himalaya.

   Two, open up the power of the heart and cultivate people with feelings and righteousness.

During the epidemic, staying at home for a long time has no activity space and relative distance. Some parents call their children "gods and beasts". Perhaps in the era of e-learning, the friction between parents and children is due to learning. Children are not cute when they learn, but when they learn, old mothers get angry and their father can't control their hands. From the earliest suspension of classes and two weeks of answering questions, the problem of old knowledge has been solved. The thirst for knowledge of new knowledge is urgently needed to solve. Students are both angels and demons in web learning. The Internet is complicated and tempted everywhere. It has been possible that many parents feel that online learning can replace school education. This time, online learning has also undergone a real experience, but parents who have been in close contact with their children for a long time only find that their own "gods and beasts" are uncertain. Schools and training online institutions pursue test scores to highlight teaching outcomes. How many people can feel deeply about their feelings, dialogue, speculation and Enlightenment? What is the purpose of learning? A happy life is a lifelong pursuit. How does a child possess the ability to live happily in the future? People's life, from babbling to self-care, school, work, marriage, childbirth, child care, which matter is not important? And what are the key words throughout life? I once had an article about the key word throughout life: responsibility. How to make children feel responsible? Is there any responsibility? How can we take the responsibility of becoming an adult and becoming a national heavy weapon? One of the most fundamental signs is that children should be emotional and righteous. For example, in this outbreak, we see that the number of confirmed and dead people, especially the retrograde doctors and policemen and civil servants, is our children's indifference or sympathy, even crying. Their parents should be in sympathy with their children. Love can heal the wound of a human being, and the ability to love depends on the aesthetic ability of a person. Teacher Deng Jianying urged students to sketch, and children's sketches were published in 2005. Children's sketches only observe and discover the characteristics of things, find real feelings, and write compositions that are also very infectious. If there is love, there is discovery, there is discovery, there is appreciation, there is beauty in appreciation, and there is righteousness in heart to goodness.

To cultivate people with feelings and righteousness, when we see the number of confirmed cases from hundreds to nearly 70 thousand people every day, watching the death toll of more than 1000 people, and these people without funeral, no farewell, even a family is gone, can we still feel pain in our hearts? How can our children have compassion for these dead people? Can you cry for it? Those who fight on the front-line medical staff and public servants and service personnel are always at risk of being infected. When we see that medical scientists have passed away, the mayor has passed away, the police have passed away, the artists have passed away, and those unknown parents and villagers are facing death without any solution, can we still calm down and talk about the good times? What kind of life will our children face? Deng also wrote an "open heart" in crying. Do not think that those who have passed away have nothing to do with us. Do not think that the new epidemic is far away from us. Do not think that it is okay to protect their children. Only by supporting each other can they become human beings, love themselves and love others, so that they can not sympathize with others. Your pain, your sorrow, our compassion and compassion. As the old saying goes, "heaven and earth are the same as me, and everything is one with me." Compassion, empathy, this is eq. To cultivate children to be emotional, righteous, brave and knowledgeable, a crying nation has the power to reverse. In a new era of endeavour, tears, sweat, persistence and reflection will lead to a successful life.

The Ministry of education clearly stipulates that life education, psychological education, life education, patriotic education and moral education should be strengthened. Beginning in February 17th, Mr. Deng Jianying pushed a "heart opening force" in the grade and class group every morning before 7:00. No matter where the students are, they are in the same spirit with their students. The first month, from the perspective of psychological professional interpretation of related terms; second months to establish positive positive psychological attitude; third months to "self" mainly for a month of word analysis, training students from self-discipline to freedom, teachers not only for students to learn industry guidance, ideological guidance, but also psychological counseling, life guidance. And a guide to life. All in order to enable students to gain the dual support of psychology and study, so as to set up lofty goals and cultivate outstanding qualities that are not afraid of setbacks, unremitting efforts and courageously moving forward. Learning and living at home during the long epidemic is over. Tomorrow, June 1st, junior high school and high school all went back to school.

   Three, open the heart to cultivate children's creativity.

The children who are sentient and righteous will still have the ability to stand in the real world and learn and have difficulty in learning. People must be lazy. Education is to arouse students' independent initiative. As a mother, they often kidnap their children's autonomy without knowing it, always afraid that their children will suffer losses, fear that their children will fall down, that their children will be ill, and that their children will make mistakes, especially their studies. A successful mother is strong enough to save face and not allow children to make mistakes. No matter how good the parents are, they have to grow up on their own, no one can replace them. At this time, what mothers have to do is believe in their children and let them experience, think and comprehend. Believing in children is a mother's ability to give and believe, and children will believe you. Mothers believe that children, children believe in their mothers, will believe in their elders and teachers, and their teachers will believe in them. In the face of network information, we can not prohibit like a monster, but we should let children learn to apply and creatively apply it. What we need to do is to cultivate children's self-control. Only if he or she knows what she wants, will she conscientiously control herself.

   Four, open up the power of the heart, so that students can learn to care about learning to survive.

People will find that although cities are large, people are becoming more and more unfamiliar. Now the epidemic is keeping people away from each other. Many children do not think about others and do not think about others. When they really want to achieve something big, they will find no team and no cohesion. No matter what your grades are, life requires almost the same basic requirements of life. You have to deal with people from all walks of life. The four pillars of education put forward in the book "learning to survive" by UNESCO: learning to be a person, learning to do things, learning to learn and learning to live together with others is a lifelong education idea. Learning to behave is to learn to care for others and observe social ethics. In everyday real and complex real life, it is only a habit to care for people in mind that one will care more about people and have more psychosocial competence.

On line learning, there are a few unhappy families, and mothers and children are bound to have emotions. Human emotion is generated by people's thinking. Emotional or psychological problems are caused by irrational and illogical thinking. The heart is the reason, from reason to heart, people believe that justice and axiom are reasonable logic. Before the formation of students' world outlook, outlook on life and values, there will be unreasonable logic in many times, so that students can straighten out their relationship, that is, clear the truth, straighten out the relationship between themselves and the surrounding people, understand the order of the youth, understand the basic rules of society, know how to respect the old, love the young, and love others as well as themselves. Thinking is carried out by means of language. Many people's contradictions occur between familiar people. They are too close to each other, too much to know, too much to speak, and too little to talk about. A lot of people turn the boat when they say no to each other. They even think it's other people's fault that produces violent emotions and behaviors. It's all about self-control and no mood control. To learn to speak is not just clever words, but standing in the other side's perspective and thinking for others, so that we can have the words that come into the other's heart to move people. On the one hand, mother should learn to speak, from self-cultivation, cultural accomplishment and character accomplishment. It is common that many mothers who seem to be very strong in their careers fail in education, but there are too many fierce competitions in the workplace. To speak is to be a man, to learn to speak, to learn to care and to straighten out relations, so as to pave the way for growth and success.

   Five, stick to your conscience and let your child know everything.

Online teaching is a good thing. The Internet provides a huge amount of information channels. However, it is also a complex environment. During the epidemic period, when all kinds of media articles and information are flooded, it is not only difficult for children to judge the true or false merits, but also many adults find it difficult to judge. To let children focus on their studies and have self-control, do not look at some irregular websites, consciously resist some specious information, or need to open their hearts. The progress of human civilization is derived from conscience. No matter what field, successful people possess strong conscience and strong determination to pursue truth. The vicissitudes of life, the foolish people and their own goodness, adhere to conscience, fear of offending later generations. The diversity of information in modern society and the persistence of conscience are of more contemporary significance. The epidemic is a mirror, and social problems are also exposed. All kinds of rumors and false information on the Internet also disturb the students' network learning environment. Let the children know everything and stick to their conscience. In March 18th, Mr. Deng Jianying published an article on "sticking to conscience". When we saw the number of confirmed cases from hundreds to nearly 70 thousand people every day, we watched more than 1000 people dead, and those people did not have funeral or farewell. Even when a family was gone, could we still have pain in our hearts? How can our children have compassion for these dead people? Can you cry for it? Those who fight on the front-line medical staff and public servants and service personnel are always at risk of being infected. When we see that medical scientists have passed away, the mayor has passed away, the police have passed away, the artists have passed away, and those unknown parents and villagers are facing death without any solution, can we still calm down and talk about the good times? What kind of life will our children face? Mr. Deng Jianying has also written an "open heart" in crying. Do not think that these dead people have nothing to do with us. Do not think that the new epidemic is far away from us. Do not think that it is okay to protect their children. Only by supporting each other can we become human beings, love ourselves and love ourselves, so that we can sympathize with others. Your pain, your sorrow, our compassion and compassion.

Parents and children, Ji Changyuan, want their children to become adults. School teachers are also working hard to educate and train talents. What kind of talents do we have to cultivate? What kind of talent does the country choose? Through this outbreak, we have been thinking deeply in all fields. How many children in our new crown pneumonia epidemic have a heart touch? In the age of peace, the world is not peaceful, and the years are quiet, just because we are born in China. Throughout the history of China, every era is an outstanding and promising person in the process of promoting the progress of civilization, in saving the nation from danger, in carrying forward the spirit of the Chinese nation and making outstanding contributions in various fields. Open up the power of the heart, cultivate children with affection and righteousness, let children learn to care about learning to survive, never complain, be the masters of emotions, children will have boundless creativity, and stick to their conscience, no matter which industry they can make good results, have a happy life.

The life of man is the gathering of Qi, and the spirit is filled with vigor. If the air is in order, the heart will pass. General secretary Xi Jinping said that people's health and safety should be put first, so that people will not get sick, get sick, and have good physical and mental health. The new crown pneumonia epidemic is respiratory infectious diseases, improve human immunity, is our best vaccine. We do life education, mental health related to human health. Every member of the Democratic Progressive Party should consider: what kind of social role should DPP members play? The role of our DPP is to lead the progress of cultural education and artistic civilization in the professional field. We should be experts in the industry, do not seek fame and gain, serve the people wholeheartedly, let the people from all walks of life know that we are the people of the people's Republic of China, are Masters in the professional field, and are the members of China's democratic promotion who can stand the test of time and history. Social problems originate from psychological problems. Psychological problems are not groundless. Emotions originate from irrational logic. Every leader is a master of psychology, who knows how to make good use of others, and to foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses. In any field, members of the Democratic Progressive Party should love themselves, love others, and think for others. Our participation in politics will promote social progress and development more effectively. People's heart is moving. Taishan is moving. There is no love in the epidemic, so that every one of us can make the best of them.

Author:       Editor: Zhangyu
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