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Yan Zhaolin: in this sunny early spring.

Release time: 2020-05-08 source:



In the Spring Festival of the new year of the rat, when the people of all nationalities in the country watched the Spring Festival Gala with joy, watching the Spring Festival Gala, eating dumplings and celebrating the family reunion and enjoying the joyful atmosphere of the festival, important news came from Beijing: a major outbreak of new crown pneumonia occurred in Wuhan, Hubei. For a time, the new national coronavirus pneumonia epidemic has entered a tense period of preparation. From the official website to the free media, from central to rural areas, from WeChat, jitter, and QQ, most of the information that has swept through the sudden outbreak has hit people's eyeballs all the time. Every day, they report the suspected cases of the epidemic across the country, cure, discharge and die. The number of deaths increases (decreases), and this information almost envelops and affects people's mood. In this way, during the Spring Festival of 2020, a violent new crown pneumonia epidemic has disrupted people's normal and peaceful life, causing people to suffer from varying degrees of irritability, nervousness, anger, anxiety and depression. Suddenly, let the carnival of the festival press the "pause button". Without the traffic and the laughter, the world seemed to fall into silence in a moment, and became quiet and ferocious. The Party Central Committee orders, hundreds of millions of antihero "anti epidemic" Heroes - medical workers, PLA officers and soldiers, community workers, public security officers, grass-roots cadres, volunteers, with loyalty and responsibility, with true feelings and life, have been thrown into this war without smoke, race against time, fight with the epidemic, protect the peace of the world, protect the peace of the world.

The sunshine in early spring is wonderful. Warm and bright, the quiet hills of the banks of the Pingluo River are shining brightly, according to the walnut pepper trees in the valley gully, in every quiet village building, according to every quiet window of the building, according to the quiet streets and rows of vehicles lying in front of the building.

Suddenly, a "buzz" sound came from far away, breaking the unique tranquility of Pingluo street. This is the disinfection vehicle of the town Pingluo health center, which is shuttling between buildings, and is sprinkling a responsibility and a loving care.

Through the glass window, I saw the door of the town hospital opened, and three or four medical workers in white gowns and white masks came out, carrying boxes of medical supplies from a medical vehicle, and labored to the material store in the hospital. Several street sanitation workers dressed in red vest were wearing masks to deal with the garbage on both sides of the street silently. A stray cat was walking slowly from a white bridge in a sluggish way. This is a real portrait of the new year's Spring Festival in Pingluo street. Due to a sudden outbreak of epidemic, the Spring Festival, which was originally joyful and lively, was cast a shadow. In the past, the streets and lanes of the busy streets and pedestrians were very cold. People live in homes and homes, watching the epidemic dynamically through television and mobile phones.

In the new year's Spring Festival, the Pingluo street is just as quiet as all the streets and lanes of the whole country. Because a very contagious new crown pneumonia, the devil from Wuhan, Jiangcheng, broke out of the territory, and soon swept across the whole of China, the virus is laughing, compatriots in distress. Although the mountain villages in my country belong to non epidemic areas, the number of people returning home in the field is increasing day by day, and they are all isolated and supervised by the persuasion and persuasion of village cadres, medical staff and grid members. With the orders of the Central Committee, more than a billion people, including the medical staff, Party members, cadres and masses in my rural area, have been thrown into this battle without smoke. He (she) fought day and night, and the rear people stayed at home. The village cadres and medical personnel stayed at the temporary monitoring points day and night, and the public places and the returning home key personnel were focused on prevention and control. This is the warning of epidemic situation and the need of war epidemic. One day, five days, ten days... Until the devil could no longer find the source of infection, he consciously surrendered.

Since the beginning of the epidemic prevention and control work, rural cadres and medical personnel have entered the state of intense preparations in a vigorous manner. They have entered the community, towns and villages to check the information of returning personnel, submit verification information, set up temporary checkpoints, deploy tight supplies, and publicize the knowledge of the epidemic. They have been busy for a day, and have seen the streets and alleys outside the windows at night, dark and quiet. Feel like a superman, accompanying the building in your sleep.

This thrilling blocking war has been in sight, and every day it has been reported that the number of new people has been decreasing every day, and the number of cure has gradually increased. Most of the staff have already gone to work, and migrant workers have begun to travel. But the national confirmed cases have occurred at some time. Although the safety alarm has been relieved, the checkpoints have been removed, but the district defense in rural areas and urban and rural areas is also in place. Prevention and control consciousness must be strengthened. Besides working staff, the elderly children still need to stay at home.

Some time ago, the towns and villages under the jurisdiction had been sealed. The family allowed only one person to enter and leave, and went out. They also continued to take body temperature, check documents and register. Although there are many inconveniences to those who have to travel, everyone is tacitly cooperating. In a very short time, no one wants to add chaos to the society, and they are all waiting for the end of the war.

These days, many stories about the scene of the epidemic in Wuhan, such as news, WeChat, jitter and so on, have warmed a lot of people, and also warmed this place, which is located in the deep part of the western mountains. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, warm heart stories like Wuhan express little brother Wang Yong are taking place every day. They are ordinary people like you and me. Medical workers fight day and night in the front line. Community workers visit to investigate the "knuckle pain", volunteers do not pay, once and for all, "let go and run". We can not tell their names one by one, and it is hard to distinguish the front from the rear. But it is with these amazing ordinary people that they give their hearts with the most fervent heart, and help each other to shoulder the difficulties together. How dangerous is the epidemic, how fearless they are, how great they are, and how attractive they are. The stories of ordinary people make people feel very gratified and warm. It is always the glorious tradition of our Chinese nation that one side is difficult to support the eight sides. Great love, unity, unity and strength are the confidence and foundation for us to overcome all difficulties and hardships.

During the Spring Festival, everyone listened to the state decree, cancelled visiting relatives and friends, cancelled the dinner party, "fighting against epidemic situation can not exert power, but at least not upset the country" has become the consciousness of the broad masses of civilians. In my work place, Pingluo, Kang County, Gansu, many of them returned home from work abroad before and after the year. They mostly decided to cancel their plans to reunite with their families. They stayed alone in the room and listened to the exhortation and isolation of medical staff. In a village branch I worked in Baiyang Town, the Central Plains of China was scheduled to hold a wedding ceremony for its grandson at the beginning of January four. The invitation had already been issued, and the banquet had been booked. But because of the epidemic situation, the wedding ceremony was decisively cancelled. Yang Guihua, a high school student who worked as a nurse in the hospital, sent a "war letter" to the head of the hospital. It is because she is worried that her family will consider her safety, do not understand it or not. In fact, as a parent, how can we not understand the reason why "the country is difficult and the individual is responsible"? "Xiang Tian is the same as the well, and the friends are in and out. This is Meng Zi's sentence in "tengwen Gong". Such a way to save lives and save people from generation to generation has long been deeply branded in every Chinese mind.

This unusual Spring Festival has passed, the epidemic situation is still grim, medical workers are still in the forefront of life and death, and the death of a contest of death; government agencies, departments and units, Party members and cadres are still strictly guarded against death, to ensure that one side is safe; millions of people still obey the orders closely, strive to do their best to overcome the epidemic disease.

Like winter calyx plum, when the flower comes every year, the golden yellow flowers that are full of branches in the courtyard of farmers will open from year to year. The more cold, the more charming the opening; now the Jasmine has already met the cold, and the willow sprouts on the riverside ditches also greet the green in spring, and a bright spring is coming.

After the beginning of spring, the weather is warm. It should be a busy year. But the spring ploughing in 2020 is extremely extraordinary. The new crown pneumonia epidemic has a great impact on the agricultural production in the vast rural areas. In Pingluo, a large agricultural town in Kang Bei, though the lack of bustling scenes of mass production in the past, the villagers were not idle. Wearing masks for busy spring ploughing has been the first in thousands of years in Qinba mountain area. The villagers worked hard in the field, sketched out a lively Spring Festival with a different flavor.

No winter is insurmountable. No spring will come. The haze of the epidemic is dissipating, and the spring breeze is coming. If this is not the case, I will wait for you on the side of the Pingluo river at the moment, waiting for you to come to this splendid spring covenant, to enjoy the spring scenery of ten li and the taste of spring.

In the cold wind and cold snow, we often feel the tenacity of Yu Lamei. In the chilly spring, I often sigh the bravery of jasmine. In these days of fighting against the new crown pneumonia, I am more impressed by what happened from the side, from WeChat, in the news, to the moving people, those things, those pictures and those love. Now the victory of the epidemic is just around the corner. Let's keep the last time and wait for the return of the spring swallow.

(author: Yan Zhaolin (Wei Yunhong), pseudonym, Yan Xiang, currently living in Longnan County, Gansu. DPP member, member of Gansu Writers Association, social worker of writer newspaper. In April 1990, he joined the financial work for thirty years. Now he is working in Pingluo town finance office, Kang County, Longnan, Gansu. He is good at journalism, essays, essays and other works. He has won many excellent awards in China Financial Daily, county and township finance, half moon, Gansu daily, China special products daily, Longnan daily and writer magazine.

Author: Yan Zhaolin       Editor in chief: Shao Fei
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