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Yao Wei: conscientiously "learning and thinking" and being qualified non Party cadres

"Ask the canal so clear? For the source of water. " Zhu Xi's sense of reading is like that. Similarly, General Secretary Xi said that only by reading its original book can we grasp the scientific theoretical system that covers the development of China and even the whole society, we can grasp its integrity and comprehensiveness, and not understand one area in a single way. Following the instruction of general secretary, "reading classics and learning classics", I read "anti bookalism" in my work.

"Learning to quit is hurried, and swimming is fun." The resonance of the article stems from experience. The basic function of the Democratic Party in China is "participating in politics and politics, democratic supervision, and participating in the political consultation under the leadership of the Communist Party of China". The basic duty of the three basic functions is "investigation and study". All things are afraid of serious. Under careful reading, "do not know the true colors of Mount Lu, only the body in this mountain" has doubled. I began to scribe lines and marks, and I love reading books more.

First of all, study a classic Marxist Leninist book or article, to understand its historical background and period. Anti book worship is an early work of Mao Zedong. It was written in May 1930 to oppose the dogmatism of the Red Army of the Communist Party of China at that time. I consulted the relevant materials, and found that the earliest article was called "investigation and research", and it was also Mao Zedong's earliest book of Marx's philosophy. At that time, the military dogmatism prevailed. Some of the Red Army members were content with the status quo, sticking to the rules and superstition, and unwilling to investigate the conservative ideas. My understanding is that Comrade Mao Zedong's "anti bookalism" is at a time when there is a strong sense of class. If we want to really solve the difficult problems in China, we should start from the investigation and study, and understand the different classes, so that the revolution can win. He provided four important principles and a scientific way of thinking for the revolutionary team to observe things correctly, solve problems and contradictions. The three basic viewpoints of "seeking truth from facts, mass line and independence" symbolized the initial formation of Mao Zedong thought.

Secondly, study this article and learn its "non original" language expression. Against book worship, this is a work guiding article with a view of high position, simple and plain words, concise and clear logic, vivid and humorous language, and clear and understandable work. It is a classical interpretation of dialectical materialism. If you do not investigate a question, stop your speaking right for a certain problem. The first sentence of the article comes straight to the point and goes straight to the theme and expression. In my view, this way of language itself is based on the full investigation and fact data, which is a kind of "non book" unique statement, which is full of personality and reality. "Without investigation, there is no right to speak". "No! No way! Focus on investigation! Against nonsense! " With 14 words, 4 exclamation points, four natural paragraphs, and almost deep and bitter pain, I pointed out the indignation of some Communists who did not go deep into the investigation and study. They savored and thoroughly understood the combination strength of the common words with the spoken language of Hunan. This kind of work style and ideas that are not muddy, realistic and clear headed are also our cadres' in-depth study.

But then, "the paper will come to light, and we must know that it must be done." a good book, a good essay, can resonate with the readers best. "What you say is what I am going through and I want to know." My work department is a Democratic Party organ. Before the rotation propaganda office, I worked as a research and Research Office for a long time. The daily work of the investigation and research office is to investigate, collect social information, reflect public opinion, do a good job in the United Front Work in the new era, and maintain social stability. Therefore, it is my duty to focus on the work of the Central Committee of the party and government, to reflect the appeals and calls of the masses concerned, to maintain social stability, and to provide the party members with the insight and insight of the broad masses of Party members.

Anti bookalism gave me a benchmarking guide for my work. In the seventh part, the article focuses on 7 points, namely, "survey technology". 1, it is necessary to have a central issue and a debating if we want to do a survey. 2. The people attending the meeting are targeted. Covering different ages and division of work. Participants should be professional and ask ordinary people for advice. 3, the number of people should be decided according to the ability of the person who presided over the meeting. 4, we must set the outline of the investigation, and we must not investigate without purpose. 5, we must conduct investigations in person and thoroughly understand the practice. 6, we must go deep into it. You can do a thorough investigation on the one hand, and it will be easy to go deep into other aspects. 7, we must record in person and not be left alone.

The key points of the actual combat techniques for these investigations have been very instructive today, especially for our young comrades. This brings me to the actual work, which leads to three points: first, we must understand that investigation and research is the premise of doing everything well. Our political participation party must provide a decision-making reference for the Party committee and the government. The article also mentioned that "we should investigate rather than sit down. All conclusions are at the end of the survey, rather than the beginning. "Two, we must avoid doing business behind closed doors." We must be a student first, and then a gentleman. We should not convene a few scholars to create research, or "get out of a problem, find a group of people, close the window door, do an article, read it smoothly, do not solve the problem", otherwise it is the kind of serious bookcriticism that Chairman Mao criticizes; three, it is not enough to tell the official, but the public is upright. Loyalty. Investigation and research should also do something in making suggestions. The article points out that to solve a problem, we must understand the history and current situation of the problem. Many situations that are inconsistent with reality are caused by history. " My experience is that we are interested in leading research and, of course, to help leaders and make decisions. Due to various reasons, incorrect selection of subjects, insufficient depth, or lack of implementation conditions, our research reports can not be accepted. But as long as it is hard work, as long as there is true insight, no need is not useless, today does not mean that it will not be used in the future.

Since ancient times, many people of insight have made arguments for the state, and have written some famous "sparse" tables and policies. Some have played a role in the contemporary era, and some have an impact on later generations. We should carefully hammer out research reports with important value, strive for accuracy, vividness and clearness, and edit them into books to preserve them.

It is therefore thought that many years of research and social and public opinion have been paid attention to by leaders and departments at various levels, or transformed into policies or measures to promote economic and social stability and development. "Reading classics, learning classics, using classics", seriously studying and thinking, and competing for qualified outside party cadres who are in line with the requirements of the socialist party participating in the new era with Chinese characteristics are deeply felt by my reading. I think these experiences will surely provide a solid theoretical foundation and ideological weapon for me to carry out the theme year activities of "the ability to perform duties" in the Central Committee of the people's Republic of China.

(author: Deputy Director Yao Wei, Propaganda Department of Hangzhou Municipal Committee of DPP)

Author: Yao Wei       Editor: Zhangyu
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