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The feeling of youth is only for love.

The most precious thing in life is life. Life belongs to people only once. A man's life should be spent like this: when he recalls the past, he will not regret for wasting his time, nor will he be ashamed of doing nothing. When he dies, he can say, "my whole life and all my energy have been dedicated to the most magnificent cause in the world for the liberation of mankind." Paul KeChaJin's words have always inspired me.

   Being loved and warmed, birds are dreaming of flying. Once I was as lively as I was when I was a kid. When I was three years old, my parents went out to farm, and I stayed alone at home, because I was up to the running ten thousand volt voltage when I was playing with fun. Injured by high-voltage electricity, only half residual arms are left. In order to raise money for treatment, my parents took me out to beg. After the wound healed, my parents let me learn to dress and write with my feet and do simple housework. At the beginning of my studies, I felt very tired. I could not write well with my feet. My father would beat me with cane, but then he would feel bad about it. At that time, though I was young, I knew that only by working hard to learn these things would parents not worry about my future. After hundreds of exercises, I finally replaced my hands with my feet. After school, the students gave me the nickname of "broken hands", and they put their hands in my sleeves and saw if my hands were really gone. Inferiority, sensitivity, cowardice and loneliness are accompanied by my childhood. I tried to commit suicide, thinking that perhaps only when I left the world would these troubles and pains disappear.

It is love that warms me. In 2012, I participated in the "listening to the voices of flowers" and the public welfare activities of children left behind by the Huaihua Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China. They enlighten me, encourage me, play games with me, talk to me about dreams. At that moment, I finally walked out of my cage and felt the warmth of the world for the first time. The seeds of a commonweal are quietly planted in my heart: I am determined to be a volunteer to transform love into devotion and love. With my dream of public welfare, I registered as a volunteer in 2013. In 2014, I joined the Huaihua volunteer association and became the only full-time volunteer in Huaihua.

   Convey great love, enrich youth and shine brilliance. At first, I tried to volunteer, and I tried to help the two children who were out of school through Internet donation, which gave me great encouragement and confidence. Let me firmly believe that a folding wing does not mean flying farewell, as long as efforts and perseverance, perhaps can fly higher and farther. In the past six years, under the guidance of the relevant departments, I and my youth social organization have carried out 3610 public welfare activities such as "protecting mother river", "traffic counseling", "loving students studying", "caring for the left behind children" and so on. More than 120 thousand volunteers participated in the voluntary service. 210 years were granted to help orphans and 210 orphans, and 546 thousand yuan were granted annually; in 2019, 19 were helped to get sick. 35 seriously ill patients launched easy projects and fundraising amounted to over 4 thousand yuan.

At the beginning of 2020, with the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, I was deeply aware of the time when young volunteers showed their responsibilities and responsibilities. My friends and I quickly launched a public fund raising campaign against the epidemic and guarding Huaihua through the Internet. For a good publicity campaign, I kept working with my toes for half a month, and my big toe broke because of overtime. I endured pain and thought that I could raise more money for fighting against the epidemic, and I insisted on designing more than 500 leaflets. My efforts were not in vain. In just a few days, the project raised 320 thousand yuan in donations. When I realized that Huaihua's emergency supplies, especially masks, were very short, I was very anxious. I thought that the staff who fought in the front line of infectious diseases could be infected at any time, so they launched a "mask of love mask" and urged the public to consciously reduce their outgoing, and to donate medical masks such as N95 to the front-line workers. Through concerted efforts, we have raised over 20 masks in less than half a month. In addition, we have raised a new crown nucleic acid detection kit worth 200 thousand yuan for two hospitals, and have bought the pandemic insurance for 2426 first-line medical workers in Huaihua.

   Striving for love, striving to shine up youth. In the past, some work has been affirmed by all sectors of society. I have also gained a lot of Honor: the most beautiful volunteers in Hunan, the good guys in Hunan, the outstanding volunteers, the 54 medal winners of Hunan youth, the ten moral models of Huaihua, and the 54 Medal of Chinese youth. I know these are both my affirmation and my spur. All sectors of society are very concerned about me. Pan Biling, the chairman of the Democratic Progressive Party committee, paid special visits to me and was concerned about my growth in various ways. He encouraged me, continued to work hard, demonstrated his personal demeanor, and continued to contribute to the community. When I grow up in love, I will pass on love. I will not forget my heart, but only for love. At this time, the great era we are in is the era for our youth to make contributions and make great achievements. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that "the mission of Chinese youth in the new era is to adhere to the leadership of the Communist Party of China and work together with the people to strive for the goal of" two one hundred years' struggle and realize the great dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. " Tagore once said, "only through the trials of hell can we create the power to create heaven; only the fingers that flow through blood can play the world's masterpiece." I will regard struggle as the most beautiful youth background. In the future volunteer service, I will always remember the encouragement of general secretary Xi Jinping to young volunteers: carry forward the volunteer spirit of dedication, fraternity, mutual help and progress, persist in walking with the motherland, dedicate to the people, make a greater contribution to the realization of the Chinese dream with the dream of spring and spring and take practical action in the hot youth. Let's fly our life dream and make a career in youth.

(the author is a member of DPP, the Deputy Secretary General of Huaihua volunteer association and Luo Xiaoxiao, the twenty-fourth Chinese youth 54 medal).

Author: Luo Xiao       Editor in chief: Shao Fei
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