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Talking with Yang Zhaoming on the advantages of Chinese traditional culture

   Core reading

   At the critical moment, Chinese people can always produce strong sense of responsibility and deep spiritual strength. This is a unique Chinese family feeling and the core gene of Chinese culture.

   Only by reading the hearts and minds of the Chinese people can we understand the sacrifices and devotion of the new crown pneumonia.

   Let the 1 billion 400 million people bid farewell to absolute poverty, thus achieving the vision of Confucius's society of great harmony.

   The Communist Party's national governance capacity is undoubtedly the most powerful; the value system of the Communist Party is undoubtedly the most scientific and perfect.

"Why can China achieve remarkable results in combating the epidemic?"

"First of all, the victory of culture!" At 2 p.m. on May 21st, in the Beijing people's Great Hall's "member channel", facing the reporter's question, went to Wuhan to participate in the fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the Standing Committee of the CPPCC National Committee and the president of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Wang Chen gave the answer, which is thought-provoking.

1 billion 400 million people, more than 3 months, the war started.

"At a critical moment, Chinese people can always produce strong sense of responsibility and deep spiritual strength. This is a unique Chinese family feeling and a core gene of Chinese culture." In the afternoon, Confucius, chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and the president of the Chinese Academy of Confucius, surged on the steps of the east gate of the Great Hall of the people to prepare for the opening ceremony of the three session of the thirteen CPPCC National Committee. He looked back at the Tiananmen square. When the two sessions were held, the road was as usual and everything was in good order.

Exergy Family ethics, social ethics, political ethics

Home is the harbor for people's hearts. In the year, it is a great moment for family reunion. No one cares more about the family than the Chinese, and cares more about the new year. But in the new year of the new generation, the brave fighters of the epidemic disease abandoned their family reunion and went back to danger.

"It sounds like a contradiction, but it is a reflection of the superiority of Chinese culture. It is a sentiment that the Chinese people attach importance to the unity of individuals, families and the state. It is also one of the passages for the epidemic to win a stage victory." Yang Zhaoming said.

In the University, we say that we should cultivate our knowledge and cultivate our country in good faith. Throughout the ages, Chinese upright gentlemen have cherished the ambition of taking the world as their responsibility. In the 5000 years of the history of Chinese civilization, there is a time of political prosperity and favourable weather. "Life begins with literacy." Whenever the country is at a critical juncture, there are always people who are represented by advanced elements to speak up and come forward and destroy their families. We can take a look at the numerous volumes of history.

"Too long to breathe, to drown the tears, to mourn the livelihood of the people is very difficult". "Not to forget to worry about the country, but to wait for the coffin". "Gou Li's life and death is to be avoided." I sacrificed all my happiness to fight for my cause. Please believe that this road is bright and great. From ancient times to the present, the feelings of the family have been deposited in the deep veins of Chinese people from generation to generation.

Here, home and country are a unity.

In February 13th, the twenty-first day of "closing the city" in Wuhan coincided with the fierce outbreak of the virus. Zhao Chunguang, Xiangya Hospital of Central South University, wrote a letter to his parents.

"More than ten thousand white garments go to the national calamity. The day of success is not far away. The God of heaven will bless me and other loyal and brave people. The boundless land will inherit my heart."

Gong Yuanqi, a doctor at a hospital in Jiangxi, supported by Wuhan, received a handwritten letter from her daughter: "I know that as a doctor, you must fight like a fighter. As soon as you turn around and go to this point, you are the hero in my mind.

"Home is the smallest country with tens of millions of countries." These Chinese characters infiltrated with true feelings show that "family" is a spiritual force for human beings and is closely related to their country.

As a researcher of traditional culture, Yang Zhaoming believes that home country sentiment is the quintessence of Chinese traditional culture. Only by reading the home and country of Chinese people can we understand those sacrifices and devotion in the fight against the new crown pneumonia.

"Chinese people not only focus on families, but also emphasize the social existence of human beings. The moral character of a person is a family virtue at home, expressed in the society as a social morality, and a deep love for the country at the national level. Yang Zhaoming said.

Home, country, and the world, from family ethics, social ethics, political ethics, Chinese emotional trajectory, along such a logic, one by one, from inside to outside, from near to far.

   "Old man and old man"

"I want to have a closer look at these two books." Yang Zhaoming's "Analects of Confucius" and "Confucius's family language comprehension" are seen by Xi Jinping, general secretary.

This is the scene of general secretary Xi Jinping's visit to Qufu's Confucius government and Confucius Research Institute in November 26, 2013.

"The general secretary attaches great importance to the inheritance and development of traditional culture, and in his ruling philosophy, he often feels the wisdom of ancient sages." Yang Zhaoming said.

Since the eighteen Party's Congress, general secretary Xi Jinping has repeatedly stressed the need to foster the feelings of the country, unite the love family and patriotism, and integrate the personal dream and family dream into the national dream and national dream.

Chinese people's emotional logic starting point is home. In a traditional self-sufficient farming society, too much emphasis on individuals and emphasis on small families may lead to the self centered ethical framework in western society.

Fortunately, Chinese sages noticed this earlier.

At the Spring Festival 2019, the general secretary Xi Jinping mentioned Meng Zi's "old man, old man, young child, and young man". In Yang Zhaoming's view, this is the lubricant that regulates the lateral relationship between individual and individual, small family and small family. Even the illiterate people know that "distant relatives are not as good neighbors."

At the deepest moment of the epidemic in Wuhan, Lao Tian couple and elderly parents in Wuhan were unlucky to be infected and could not be treated in time. Life and death are new jobs.

Only when the neighbors of the media got help in time did they save the family.

West China Hospital Zhu Shichao, an expert in Wenchuan medical team, was also volunteered as a medical student in a hospital in the disaster area after the 2008 earthquake in Wenchuan. It is said that the community is recruiting volunteers for community joint prevention and control. The three generation of 71 year old Wang Zhengxue and her son and granddaughter in Fuling district are actively joining the volunteer team. Spontaneously composed of love motorcade, heavy rain driving to the airport carrying stranded passengers...... The volunteers gave their homes to everyone, and the warm picture of the scene drew the distance between you and me.

This year is the year to win the decisive battle against poverty. "Let the 1 billion 400 million people bid farewell to absolute poverty, which has achieved the image of Confucius in the heart of the Great Harmony Society:" old age has no end, strong use, young talent, widowhood, loneliness, and disease. " Yang Zhaoming said.

Yang Zhaoming was moved by the Chinese Communist Party's determination to eradicate absolute poverty and never let the people's heart and spirit of a good life be touched by the great Chinese people who cherish their homeland and make great contributions to helping all of them move towards a well-off society at the same time.

When there is no critical moment, how can we talk about harmony?

He who wins the same desires wins the storm. In such a country, such a people, what else can we not do?

   Go with me at the critical moment.

In the traditional society, the idea of family state does not necessarily produce the society of the whole nation.

As Marx said in Louis Bonaparte's eighteen day of fog, "the number of small farmers is large, their living conditions are the same, but there is no relationship between them. The masses are formed by the addition of some identical names, just like a bag of potatoes gathered from a potato in a bag.

China has been focusing on the concept of family life for thousands of years, but it has also "scattered sand" once. Why? Because a harmonious and orderly society needs a premise to lead, that is, there is a strong central government, and then she advocates the formation of a perfect value system. In the Han, Tang, song, yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, the flourishing ages of all dynasties were like that.

The Communist Party's national governance capacity is undoubtedly the most powerful; the value system of the Communist Party is undoubtedly the most scientific and perfect.

70 years of development achievements are self-evident. The struggle against epidemic disease in China has made the world look at it. The socialist core values advocated by the Chinese Communists have shown strong cohesion and mobilization power.

This first comes from the Communists' first example.

Mao Zedong loved his son Mao Anying. He was a loving father. But when the country needed it, he did not hesitate to send his son to the front line of the war to resist US aggression and aid Korea.

It is often seen from the report that on the bookshelves of general secretary Xi Jinping, he shows a picture of him walking with his loving father and his loving mother. He is a filial son, but when faced with the heavy burden of being elected president, he made a heart wish: "I will be without me, without the people".

So is the Communists.

"After you grow up, I hope you don't forget that your mother has sacrificed for her country!" In August 1936, at the last moment of life, Zhao Yi man, a communist, wrote a letter to his children.

"Don't hide behind the party members. Follow me at the critical moment!" The Communist Party, Zhang Wenhong, did not take care of his small family.

In the fourth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, the Party pointed out that the development of advanced socialist culture and the extensive cohesion of the people's spiritual strength are the profound support for the modernization of the national governance system and governance capacity.

"I know a more than 80 year old farmer who has been living in a dangerous house in a poor village, and has been living in his ancestral home and ancestral graves. He said," death is going to die at home. " But to my surprise, after many times of work done by the poor cadres, they moved to the mountains to start a new life last year. That is the new home that the government has built. He felt quite moved by the story.

This old man is the epitome of tens of thousands of Chinese elders in poverty alleviation. They have been living in peace, and for decades they have been desolated and their houses will not be shaken. But the enthusiasm of the party and the government has helped them to change their habits for decades and embrace the new life bravely.

In Yang Zhaoming's eyes, China should be strong. The premise is that the people must have common belief and build the foundation of common values. And this belief is to be a virtuous and noble person. And establish the correct values, but also start from the doll.

At 10 a.m. this April 4th, the state held a national mourning for the martyrs and the compatriots who died in the fight against the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia. Before the air raid alarm sounded, Yang Zhaoming noticed that a couple of parents and freshmen had stopped. After three minutes of silence, the little girl saluted the sky.

At that moment, Yang Zhaoming's tears welled up.

Author:       Editor in chief: Yang Zonglin
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